Medan Tourism of Local Food and Restaurant Part 1

If you want to go holiday to certain places, you need to find out about the destination places, local foods that you should try, place to stay, and many more to ensure that you get the best holiday while visiting that city. Well, the main thing that you shouldn’t miss in your holiday visitation is about culinary. Don’t forget to taste the local foods there because as you know every city has its own different local foods, as well as the taste of it. If you want to visit Medan as your holiday destination, then you shouldn’t miss Medan tourism of local food and restaurant that you should try to.

If you have decided want to go holiday to Medan, there are a lot of local foods and restaurants that you can visit based on what kind of foods that you want to taste. There are some top of Medan tourism of local foods and restaurants part 1 that you can pick one. They are:

  1. Kwetiau Ateng Restaurants. This is the best restaurant which serves kwetiau with chewy, fragrant, and full of texture which is from the meat, noodle, bean sprouts and many more. You will get the different taste with the kwetiau from the other cities. If you are a Moslem, you should know that this food contains pork, which is not halal for you..
  2. Macehat Coffee. If you are going to this city for your holiday, you should try the Avocado Coffee as well. You can get the different taste of blending ingredients of espresso, avocado puree, choco sauce and also choco ice cream, once in a glass. This coffee will be your best in having a break after visiting the tourist destination in Medan.
  3. Rumah Makan Bintang. It serves you Padang food that you can try. Well, if you usually eat Padang food in Padang Restaurant of your city, you can go directly taste this foodin where it belongs. You can get different taste of them.
  4. Bakmi Hock Seng. If you want to try Hock Seng food, this restaurant will be your best choices. You can get more ingredients of fish slices, crab claw, fish eggs, and many more in a plat served with the noodle itself.
  5. Rumah Makan Ondo. If you are grill lovers, you should visit this place as well. Why? It is because this restaurant serves you any kind of pork grill that you can taste. This restaurant is not the best options if you are a Moslem, because it serves pork not the beef, so you can go find out another halal restaurant in this city.
  6. Bihun Bebek Kumango. It will be your best place if you want to try rice noodles served with slices of duck meet and chicken broth and other complimentary ingredients in a bowl.

Those are top 12 of Medan tourism of local foodsand restaurants part 1 that you can choose based on what you want to taste. Let’s go culinary before going back to your routine activities.

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